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Every team that trains with us is assigned a dedicated accountability coach. Coaches work one-on-one with your admins on everything from creating training plans to identifying study resources to personalized onboarding and goal setting.

We are all very busy with our work, the structure accountability coaching provides allows us to get feedback about our progress and encourages us to adhere to our plan. Coaches help me keep my team focused on training.

– Yasser F., Team Manager

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95 %

 of courses reported improved confidence and job performance

94 %

Of managers reported increases in quality of work and independence

94 %

Of teams reported improved productivity and efficiency

Based on 677 responses from CBT Nuggets (CBTN) learners. ± 3.7% at 95% confidence. “None” excluded from average calculation. Based on 69 responses from CBTN account managers. ± 11.8% at 95% confidence. “None” excluded from average calculation. The 2016 Why CBTN Research was conducted online May 9-13, 2016. A total of 1196 CBTN users completed the survey.

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The path to certification has never been clearer than with CBT Nuggets’ easy-to-use and results-proven learning platform.


CBT Nuggets is fun, bite-sized training led by experts in the field. I can confidently say that their instructors make learning something to look forward to.

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